This page provides some helpful information for using the ICPDR Information System Danubis.

Frequently asked questions and answers

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What should I do when I forgot/lost my password?

Please request a new password using the link Forgot Password? under the Log in block on the top right.

You have to submit your username or e-mail address. The system will automatically send you a one-time login-link by e-mail. After accessing the system via that link, you set your new password.

If your e-mail address has changed and the above mentioned e-mail does not reach you, please contact

How can I change my password?

When you are logged in, click on My account. Then, click on the tab Set password.
You have to enter your current password and a new password twice (to prevent you from being locked out after a typing mistake).

Please note that the password must be at least 6 characters in length and contain characters of at least 3 different types (lowercase, uppercase, digit or punctuation).

On which sites can I use my Danubis user account.

You can log in to the following sites with your Danubis user account: